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Welcome to our website. Vee Gee Bee operates three divisions ie Paints and DIY products, Artist Material and an Art Gallery. Select the area you are interested in so that you can see in more detail what products and services we provide in the respective area.

Below we have identified the Areas which are particularly popular at the moment in case this is what you are looking for.

VGB Art Shop Online
Let's Colour Project
Berger Roof Compound
Gift Ideas
Summer Shutdown 2017
26 July 2017

All our outlets will be closed for a summer shutdown from Monday August 7th to Sunday 20th August. We re-open Monday 21st August. Our online shop www.vgb ...

VGB Art Now Online
4 September 2016
VGB Art is now online. Please visit www.vgbart.com.mt to search for any art material that you may need and shop from the comfort of your own home. We will also deliver to your door or prepare everything so that you can just pick-up from your preferred location. ...
VGB Art Privilege Card
1 February 2012
Have you registered your details on www.vgbart.com.mt ? When registering you will become a member of our Ar ...